The Great Wide Open

I leave tonight for a two-week trip in Kenya, and then a week-long visit to Washington, DC. It’s been a long and busy summer, and I’m looking forward to kicking my feet up, reading a few good books, and keeping low-key for a bit. These past two months have been filled with several commercial jobs and fashion shoots, a few newspaper assignments, and a half-dozen editorial stories or so. I also undertook an extensive re-branding campaign with the help of the good folks over at Wonderful Machine, and signed with two new assignment and stock agencies. More on that later, once everything is settled and sorted.

All of these things are very good things. Just a bit exhausting is all. And while I’m excited to see Africa and meet with some editors in DC, I know in three weeks time I’ll be even more excited to get back to Southeast Asia, and back to work. I’ve already got a great October lined up. So here’s to the second half (or so) of the year. See you soon.

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