Vietnam | Family Ties

A little over a month ago I took a trip to Nam Dinh Province with a French national to document his journey back to his family’s hometown in northern Vietnam. It was his first time in the country, on a sort of path to learn more about his ancestors and how they came to meet in, and eventually flee, Vietnam. It was during the occupation of Indochina. Something about a French soldier and a dashing young girl from the countryside. Then a family split during wartime. And finally a return generations later.

Finding their home was a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. There was no address. Just names and an old village. The village didn’t even exist anymore; it was called something else now. It had been swallowed up by the larger surrounding community. It was along the Red River, and after a few hours of driving and searching, we finally came upon the home of the family that had stayed behind, all those years ago. It was a great reunion. A family that always knew of the other half’s existence, but never more than old black & white photographs and a list of names without faces. It was nice to be there when some of those faces finally appeared.

5 Comments on “Vietnam | Family Ties

  1. I love the way the photos and the story come together to become something so personal. Must have been incredible to capture. Really beautiful!

  2. nice! His story is like one in the movies.

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