France, Briefly

For all the travel I’ve done these past few weeks, I have very little to report. That’s what happens when you’re on vacation on not worried about taking pictures or making blog posts. You don’t even take a real camera. You enjoy life and drink too much wine with lunch and shop for t-shirts with mustaches on them. You buy chocolates for breakfast and have midnight espressos. You stroll the cobblestone streets of Colmar and taste copious amounts of Alsatian wine at the Zind-Humbrecht Vineyard. Maybe you get a tattoo at a weird sex shop in Aix-en-Provence. You (really) hope the guy understands you. Your girlfriend finds pink cowboy boots at a second-hand store in Pigalle, and for pocket change at that. You buy more than a month’s rent worth of 4×5 film. You walk around, a lot, with nowhere to really go. You say Fuck it when the line to climb the Eiffel Tower is too long. Same with the Catacombs, because who cares really. Not me. It’s been a great trip. I’m glad I have so little to show for it.


2 thoughts on “France, Briefly

  1. I didn’t take a real camera when I went to Zimbabwe. (Which is good, since I almost got arrested for photographing a jacaranda tree with a little Kodak Easyshare.)

    Oh, but your sky is so, so blue. And that in itself does wonders for the imagination. There are worse things than seeing something wonderful with the naked eye.

    Happy filmless travels,


  2. Did you really get another tattoo? Want to see a picture!
    Tell Caitlin to keep the pink cowboy boots away from Myra. She will steal them whether they fit her or not! She’ll just end up wearing them around the Jazz Fest along with that little mini skirt she’s always putting on!

    Glad ya’ll had a great relaxing trip.


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