Thailand: Some Girls, Revisited

I’ll be returning to Thailand next week to continue on my Some Girls project, about the transgendered community in Bangkok and beyond. In lieu of the trip I’ve been going back through my first round of images, taken a few months ago, and re-arranging and re-editing the current work, finding holes, seeing what’s working and what’s not. As with most photographers I think, I’m my own worst editor. I go back over work and find new images that I ignored the first time around, or I fall in love with things that were better off left alone. But that’s just the way. You can see an updated edit of the work HERE.

Not big changes but changes enough. I’ll be traveling into Isaan province this time around, exploring more of the rural communities and the women who have chosen to either remain in or return to their hometowns. I’m hoping to move away from portraits and cabarets and backstage-type shots and into some more natural settings, even domestic settings. We’ll see.

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