Charting the Course

I have little to no interest in getting involved in politics or political discussions in Vietnam. It’s muddy waters and there’s not enough transparency or real information available to ever make me feel like I know what I’m talking about. That being said, I’ve found myself over the past few days scouring the internet for information on Vietnam’s ongoing 11th National Party Congress. It will chart the future for the next five years in the country, but as of yet no one can really say what’s being said. The consensus seems to be that whatever chess pieces are moved around, the game will remain pretty much entirely unchanged. That’s expected. I guess we’ll see. Or not see.

1 thought on “Charting the Course”

  1. That’s a great angle of the mausoleum 😀 i never had any interest in politics either while i was still living in Vietnam. But now, from the point of view of a person living in the west i have little hope that it’ll change. Though i can’t complain as i can’t seem to think of any negative impacts the communist regime actually has on my life…

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