11 Photographs from 2010

There’s not much to say here. Or maybe there’s a lot to say. It’s getting on to the end of the year. So here are 11 photographs I took in 2010. A match and one to grow on. A nice way to repackage the past 12 months and to stop looking backwards and go forth. It was a fun year.

The last six months or so marked the first time I was able to begin supporting myself solely on my photography. I traveled a lot. More than I ever thought I would. Across Vietnam and to Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Japan and the US. I worked a lot, too. For newspapers, magazines, commercial clients and more. I started a wedding photography company. My work appeared in one large gallery show and in several charity auctions. But I also lost a lot of jobs and learned a lot of hard lessons. Or I’m trying to learn those hard lessons. I’m dense and some things don’t sink in so easily. So here’s to 2010. And 2011 and beyond.

3 thoughts on “11 Photographs from 2010”

  1. I enjoy your blog very much — since day one. Congratulations on your first full year of being an entrepreneur. Keep up the good work. Patty

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