One Portrait: Cold Weekend & Warm Light

I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say lately. Call it end of the year ennui or something else entirely. I’ve been busy, but let’s face it, we’re never that busy. There’s always time for everything we want to make time for. So I’ve been trying to make more time for myself. Which can be difficult when you’re a freelancer. Work tends to blend into life tends to blend into work. If I’m not on an assignment, I feel guilty if I’m not doing some other kind of work: self promotion, blog posts, emails to editors, travel plans and possible stock ideas, personal projects and more. I’m figuring out some kind of New Year’s resolution that will help fix this problem but still allow me to eat.

The above image was taken outside my front door in the late afternoon on Saturday. The sun pours into the stairwell and the dirty yellow walls turn golden. Hanoi can be stunning when the sun decides to shine. Even the city’s most cynical critics shouldn’t be able to refuse that.

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