Weddings, Machines & Boat Rides

This past week has been pretty busy. Esian Wedding Photography shot an engagement and wedding on Sunday and Monday. I spent all of Wednesday holed up at a factory that tests automobiles and emissions standards for vehicles in Southeast Asia. Then Thursday I had to go to the Perfume Pagoda to take some pictures for a travel piece for a new guidebook on Hanoi, to be released by the first of the year. Fun stuff.

Justin and I had the bride and groom taking photos of us by the end of the night. That’s how we roll. The corporate assignment at the factory went off without a hitch. And the Perfume Pagoda was, well. It was fine. My boat driver seemed miffed that I didn’t want to climb to the top of the mountain. I just needed shots of the surrounding countryside. So a two hour drive and an hour boat ride for about 15 minutes of shooting. Then I had to get back home. Obviously. Now hello, weekend.

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