Polaroids from New York 02: Let’s Stay Friends

I could write a thousand words about each of these people, but probably better just to leave you with links to their work, which is leaps and bounds better than anything you’ll see on this blog. My teammates from the 2010 Eddie Adams Workshop, in order of appearance:

David Wright. Unnikrishnan Ravendranathan. Stephen Reiss. Jason Greene. Louisa Marie Summer. Austin Mann. Matanya Tausig. Nicole Franco. Julie Glassberg.

2 thoughts on “Polaroids from New York 02: Let’s Stay Friends”

  1. good people – Don’t forget about Carolyn, David, Guy, Josh and Andy. Same team – The collaboration is the key.

  2. Fair enough, Guy. I should have said students. But not MY students. My teammates is better. I’m changing that now. I didn’t get Polaroids of the rest of the team, so it felt wrong to exclude just some people. Teammates. Good people. All of it all of it.

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