Missed Calls & Close Calls

There’s something in the air here and it needs to go away now. I’ve missed out on or lost three pretty good to great jobs this week, and then to top it all off today while out shooting for a new guide book in the capital I was struck at by a fairly large snake. Granted I was trying to photograph it and the guy holding its tail seemed more interested in his fingernails then my relative safety, but come on. Don’t be that snake. Don’t be the typical reptile that everyone fears. Be a nice guy (girl?) for once in your life. Don’t be so quick to judge the photographer who’s camera is inching closer and closer into your personal space, like some shiny black piece of supper.

But I forgive you Mr. Snake. We’ll do dinner or wine next week. It’s a good thing I have cat-like reflexes. And a good sense of humor for long-running cosmic jokes. Adieu.

2 thoughts on “Missed Calls & Close Calls”

  1. “We’ll do dinner or wine next week”

    An “in joke” for your Vietnamese and long time Hanoi expat readers, I presume.

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