Stolen Photographs

So this morning, while I was away from my house for about an hour between 7.30 and 8.30am, someone came in and stole some cash and one of my portable hard drives, while my girlfriend slept in the next room. The cash is replaceable. The hard drive, and the unease at having about 300GB of my photographs out in the big bad world all alone without me to defend for them is much more upsetting. Plus the fact that someone came into my house uninvited while my girlfriend slept. Let’s not even get into that.

I make backups of all my images. So nothing is lost forever. But that’s little relief knowing that a hard drive full of my photographs is floating around somewhere in Hanoi. So please let me know if you stumble across something that you’ve seen on this blog or on my website or somewhere else, somewhere else. Chances are that the hard drive is simply gone and it’ll never be seen from again, but there’s also the possibility that some enterprising young amateur or professional photographer without any sense or code of ethics will try to use my images to pass them off as their own. In which case I’d very much like to know about it. So we can have a small chat.


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