A Hanoi Love Story

Earlier this week I was asked to shoot some photography stills for a new music video being made for a song called “Hanoi Love Story”, by the artist Tri Minh. I’ll be one of a few different collaborators on this project. I haven’t seen any of the other work yet, but I’m excited. It should be a fun experiment. It also feels good to be working with other artists; it’s something that doesn’t happen often enough around here. Photographers/videographers of Hanoi, unite and take over.

The above three images are outtakes from one of the “scenes” I was shooting. The theme was loose. A love story. And with an hour to shoot it, I just focused on getting some good pictures that could be edited down into some kind of vague or metaphorical storyline later on. Since they’ll be mixed with video, I was playing around a lot with motion and blur and other things that I think of when I think of cinematic qualities in things. Rightly or wrongly. It was fun. In the end what else really matters?

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