All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Things have been quiet here in Hanoi since my return. Weeks of rain squalls have left me lacking any real news. Except that it’s wet outside. I’ve felt drained after my trip back to the US; I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things.

The image above is from a temple along West Lake. I never go to temples but I had to photograph this one for a local magazine. It was nice. Maybe it was my mood or that the skies had cleared literally just long enough for me to make one round of the grounds, but there was something quite appealing about being there. Numerous old women were praying at the altar and a few men were fishing in the lake. Tourists and locals visited. It was quiet and peaceful. It was just that perfect kind of blend. I only stayed for five minutes. Long enough to get the few shots I needed. Then I got caught in another storm on the way back home.

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