Angelina Restaurant at the Sofitel Metropole

Sorry for the relative silence these past few weeks on the blog. I’ve been busy–shooting and traveling and working on a few personal and professional projects. All good things I think. The rest of June should be slightly relaxed, with my just needing to get a few portfolios together to give to agencies and to print when I’m back home in the States. Then a few trips in July before traveling to Japan and the USA for four weeks through August. Whew. After that who knows. Life is good and unexpected and full of sunshine right now.

The above images are from a recent [casual] commercial job at Angelina Restaurant in the Sofitel Metropole. The shoot came in two parts: one of me following around Chef Egidio Latorraca as he went to the morning market and cooked a few dishes back at his kitchen, and then the second of me photographing the restaurant itself. It was a quick job and I actually went back one evening on my own time to round out the selection with a few dusk shots of the restaurant. I’m glad I did. The above diptychs are some of the stranger and funner photographs that I took. I was trying to push the envelope with what they would think of as a viable commercial image. I handed in the old standbys and then had a little fun. The space itself is a bit edgier and more contemporary then anything else in the hotel, with lots of sharp angles and deep reds and a hip, young and attractive staff, so I wanted the images to really reflect that. Until next time.

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