CAMA International Music Festival 2010

About two weeks ago I was asked by the local CAMA guys if I wanted to be the official photographer for their 2010 international music festival. I answered with an obvious yes, not only to be able to get on stage to take pictures of all the amazing acts that were scheduled to perform, but also to be able to tell security guards at the gates that “I’m with the band”.

I never got to say the four magic words, but it was a great time nonetheless. And I was blown away by most of the bands that played the fest, many of whom I’d never heard of before. Look out for local headbangers Ngu Cung, Japan’s short-shorted Molice, the awkwardly-Asian cuteness of Queen Sea Big Shark and the psychedelic pop madness of USA-by-way-of-Cambodia’s Dengue Fever. All pictured above in various acts of rock and revelry.

For more images and information on the festival, the charity it supported and links to band websites and (much much!) more, stop in at Aidan Dockery’s BLOG as well. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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