Landing in Laos

Even on my best day, I’m not the biggest fan of flying. So yesterday morning’s torrential downpour–which commenced just moments before we were set to pull our wheels up out of Hanoi–was about as unwelcome of an event as they come. But with the sun breaking through, enough Xanax to make a charging boar stop to smell the flowers and landscapes like those pictured above as we came coasting into Luang Prabang Province, it’s tough to stay in anything but a pretty good mood.

The writer and I will be here in Luang Prabang for another day before heading down to Vang Vien and Vientiane to work on some commissioned stories. These first two days are just about getting our feet wet. Or sweaty. Which may be more applicable to the current climate.

1 thought on “Landing in Laos”

  1. Glad to see you’re having fun. Oddly, gmail doesn’t work in my hotel room. It says it’s blocked. I don’t get it and it’s REALLY goddamn inconvenient, so if you want to talk, I’ll be on skype all the time and that’s better than gchat.

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