Cha Ca Street in Hanoi

Last month I was sent out along Cha Ca Street in the Old Quarter to take photographs for an article for The Word Ha Noi magazine. It’s not the prettiest road in the capital, nor is it the most interesting, and residents and shop owners living along it have been harried and hardened by the incessant flow of tourists walking past, mostly making their way to the world famous restaurant from which the street gets its name. I got scowled at pretty often and a lot of hands shooed my camera away. So it goes.

On the whole, I dislike taking pictures in the Old Quarter, but its nice to be forced into it. It gets me out of my comfort zone. Reminds me that not everyone enjoys my company. Maybe it doesn’t always make for the best photography, but it’s a crucial part of the process nonetheless.

Are there things that you hate to photograph? Situations that you’d rather not find yourself in?

2 thoughts on “Cha Ca Street in Hanoi”

  1. Not too surprised you were chopped liver around those parts. Every male half of every European tourist couple seems to be armed with a monstrous camera nowadays and the Old Quarter is their Shangri La.

    You need to start flexing the muscles and running these charlatans out of town!

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