Paradise Island Wedding II

I’m just finishing up editing my images from a wedding I shot two weekends ago in Nha Trang with Aidan Dockery from Vietnam Wedding Photography. It was a great time and a great job. Obviously. Three days and 2,000 images brought down to just over 100 selects. Above are six quick ones.

In other news, I’ve finally moved into my new apartment after searching for the past three weeks all over Hanoi, only in the end to be told that my old building may not be torn down after all. Whatever. My new place is way better anyway, and right in the center of town. But with all of this moving I’ve put off some pretty critical stuff that needs to get done as soon as possible. So let’s break here and pick it all up later.

3 thoughts on “Paradise Island Wedding II”

  1. I came across your blog searching for info on life in Vietnam, and felt the need to say your pictures are fantastic. The wedding shots are amazing. I’m looking to move to Vietnam within the year, and your photos are definitely making me want to!

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