Misty Mountain Getaway

I made a short happy trip up to the mountains of Tam Dao this past weekend with some friends to celebrate a few birthdays tucked away in a fine art stone cathedral of a place with a very cold pool, vicious centipedes, an oddly large dog and more bottles of booze than you can shake a drunk at.

In the morning the fog rolled right in through the windows and from the rocky rooftop garden plateau there was nothing to see but a single tree and a great grand expanse of off-white. I slept mummified in mosquito netting and read 50 pages of Candy by Mian Mian when I woke up in the morning. Then forgot to borrow the book. I battled insects all night and lost. It was great. But now it’s Monday and all those other real world things await.

As always, a very large and probably insufficient thanks to Nguyen Qui Duc over at the infamous and fast-becoming famous Tadioto for opening up his doors to a few vagabonds and trusting us to keep his house in order. His generosity knows no bounds. One of these days he’s going to cash in on all the favors this city owes him. Until then.

3 thoughts on “Misty Mountain Getaway”

  1. Not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I am back tracking through all the entries. Wonderful Photos mate, and Cheers from the Philippines!

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