Guest Post: Buildings in Bangkok

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Chris Zwierzynski, from, shares some expert advice on the tallest buildings in Bangkok, Thailand.

An ideal place to go if you’re planning any Thailand vacations, Bangkok is not only the country’s capital, but also the largest urban area in the entire place, and while it’s hard to summarize the majesty of such a popular destination in a single blog post, this writer will do their best! So what better way to get a snapshot of a city that is ever-sprawling outwards than to pinpoint and highlight that which is seemingly ever-sprawling upwards, namely, a few of the tallest buildings and landmarks?

The Baiyoke Tower II – Presumably named in honor of wherever tower number I was, this is the country’s tallest building, standing at an awe-inspiring 304m (just under 1000ft) tall, or slightly taller if the huge antenna is included. The structure itself is used as a hotel (the fourth tallest all-hotel building in the world, in fact, known as the Baiyoke Sky Hotel), and contains 673 rooms. Other floors—when they’re not being used as occupancy space—are used for such delightful things as a public observatory, bar/music lounge and even a top-floor roof-deck that has the ability revolve through all 360 degrees. Everyone loves revolving things.

The State Tower – This building stands out from the proverbial crowd not only thanks to its 247m (810ft) height or its 68 floors, but also largely due to the fact that it has a 30m golden dome mounted at the top of it, akin to some oddly-colored cherry, only with neo-classical architecture. The building itself has a less singular purpose than the aforementioned Baiyoke Tower, as the State Tower is home to apartments, business services such as retail units and standard offics, ans a five-star hotel for those residents that wish to be less permanent than others. The tower also boasts a magnificent open-air restaurant (Sirocco) on the 64th floor, serving a variety of Mediterranean food.

The Centara Grand Hotel – With 57 floors and a height of 235m (771ft), the Centara Grand is Thailand’s third-tallest building and is—somewhat obviously—another hotel, though at the same time is also part convention center, with many a facility geared towards this end, such as a 20,000m2 convention hall serviced by a number of other function rooms. The tower itself is actually integrated into the shopping center adjacent to it, which again in turn is part of the former World Trade Center, forming a sort of architectural amalgamation, if you will.

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