Introducing Almaz

A few weeks ago some friends and I secured the old and recently abandoned top floor of a hotel out in West Lake with the intentions of turning it into a private studio/workplace and an occasionally public art venue. Two days ago we began the unenviable task of cleaning and repainting the entire floor. She’s a fixer-upper, to say the least, but the potential for dialogue and creative use is nigh on endless as far as I’m concerned. It’s difficult to talk about, as the idea behind the space is still forming in the hive mind, but all of the artists involved seem excited about the possibilities, and that in itself is a bit exciting. So here’s something of a brief introduction to the Almaz Collective, so named after the hotel we now inhabit. I’ll be posting more as the progress progresses. But oh it’s alive.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Almaz”

  1. She only smiles
    He only tells her
    that she’s the flowers, the wind and spring
    In all her splendor sweetly surrendering
    The love that innocence brings

    Almaz, pure and simple
    Born in a world where love survives
    Now men will want her
    ‘Cause life don’t haunt her
    Almaz, You lucky lucky thing

    Now I watch closely
    And I watch wholly
    I can’t imagine love so rare
    She’s young and tender
    But will life bend her
    I look around is she everywhere

    He throws her kisses
    She shares his wishes
    I’m sure he’s keen without a doubt
    With love so captive
    So solely captive
    I ask if I could play the part

    Almaz, You lucky lucky thing
    Almaz, You lucky lucky thing

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