No More Numbers Everywhere

Someone told me the other day that all of the numbers had disappeared from the walls of Hanoi. I didn’t believe him at first, but it turns out the claim is true. No more numbers everywhere. White and gray rectangles have been splashed across building sides and store fronts and things in the end are just a little blander here than they were a few weeks ago. I really liked the numbers. They were everywhere. I never called them and I’m not even entirely sure what their purposes were, but I miss them nonetheless. Can anyone shed a little light on why the Powers That Be decided to wash clean this urban scrawl? Or illuminate why any of these digits were there in the first place?

5 thoughts on “No More Numbers Everywhere”

  1. they’re jack-of-all-trades contractor/labourer phone numbers, i believe. “need your sink fixed? call tuan at 091499….” really? damn, didn’t notice they were gone. gonna investigate, scooby style.

  2. The specific one you have there is shorthand for “Khoan cắt bê tông”. Advertising for drilling or cutting concrete (i.e. the walls they are putting their phone number all over). I heard they put a stop on the stencils a few years ago however? I like them but I guess I’d be a little upset if someone put one up on my house wall.

  3. I read this back in January, it might shed some light on the situation. The plan was to put an end to the illegal advertisements before Tet.

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