Singapore Photo Leftovers

After five days on the little island-state, I can’t say enough good things about Singapore. It could have been the weather, the food, the company or the relaxation (it was kind of the first real vacation I’ve had in a while). But whatever it was, it was great. It helps if like me you enjoy local cuisines and just wandering about different neighborhoods without any real destination in mind. If I were more of a shopper, I have a feeling I would have been quite pleased as well, with the famous Orchard Road malls and all.

It’s back to work and all it entails now. Hanoi is still in its post-Tet slumber, but that shouldn’t last much past the weekend. And for all the market ladies that leave the city to visit their families in the countryside for weeks on end this time of year, the one that stayed was the butcher right outside my bedroom window. Perhaps it’s as good of a welcome back as any, being woken up at the break of dawn by the butcher’s cleaver slamming down again and again onto the large street-side wood block.

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