Polar Bears in Singapore

This morning will be my last here in sunny Singapore. I leave in a few hours for Vietnam, where word has it that the cold has returned to home sweet Hanoi. Which makes me slightly less than excited to return. It was a great trip and a much needed vacation. I spent one afternoon going over prints for an upcoming gallery show, a morning shopping for developing supplies (let’s hope the HC-110 makes it back) and a day or so shooting the Year of the Tiger proceedings. To usher in the new year I even went to the zoo. I saw a white tiger, which seems auspicious enough, but the polar bear pictured above far and away stole the show. It was backflipping and twirling and diving all throughout its pool, pushing itself with not a small amount of force towards the glass enclosure and surfacing right in front of the waiting crowds, clearly having a good time of it all. Which seems like a nice note to sign off on.

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