One Polaroid & Off to Singapore

I’ll be leaving for Singapore in the morning to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Tiger in style. Or whatever passes for style for me. It’s mostly a vacation, but I’ll be shooting some of the Lunar New Year build-up and festivities, as well as overseeing some printing for an upcoming group show at the end of this month at the Bui Gallery in Hanoi. More information on that upon my return.

Above is a Polaroid from a recent jaunt down to Long Bien Bridge. I met a group of vegetarian filmmakers down near the banks of the river while I was walking around. I took one shot of two friends and gave it to them, and then asked if I could take one picture for myself. Thus.

3 thoughts on “One Polaroid & Off to Singapore”

  1. Bon voyage! What kind of Polaroid do you have? I’ve been looking around for one.

  2. Mei, I’m using a medium format bellows camera with a Polaroid attachment on the back. Kind of a Frankenstein piece of machine. But less dangerous.

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