Forgotten Film

After two posts from my new small point & shoot digital camera, I’m taking a few steps back in time and putting up some frames from an old Holga. I found some exposed film hiding in a plastic bag behind some files in a drawer in my house. I developed it all this morning having absolutely no idea what was on them. Some of the images are almost two years old, with the most recent being from around eight months ago. What a great little surprise.

I tend to hold off on developing and scanning 120 film here, because, as you can see, the images get pretty distorted and screwy (even far beyond what a Holga will normally do to an image). But with my new “Don’t Get Mad, Get Creative” campaign, which I just made up, I’m kind of taking a liking to the little mishaps that happen along the way with things like this. One of my 20 New year’s resolutions was to shoot more film. This seems like as good of a kick in the ass as any.

How often do you shoot film these days? Or is everything digital?

7 thoughts on “Forgotten Film”

  1. Figured time to tell you how much I enjoy this site. Stumbled onto a ways back and look so forward to new posts. Keep up the good shooting!

  2. still shooting all formats of film through my cameras…becomes more and more a pain in the ass with each roll, but i can’t stop! would love to see some new 4×5 work from ya buddy

  3. I’d love to see some new 4×5 work from me too. Resources out here are pretty limited. I should be more motivated. There’s always a way.

  4. Love these Aaron. As for me..laziness means digital. I need to get off my ass and shoot more film (aside from my Holga!)
    Again, beautiful images


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