Something About Hanoi

I got myself a new little toy the other day: a Canon PowerShot S90 camera. A real looker. Slick and black with just a hint of Gaffer’s tape on the corners. I named her Sunshine, and took her out to the streets just two days ago for the first time (it’s been a busy few weeks).

It was a lot of fun. I found myself snapping away much more than I normally do, sticking the camera into nooks and crannies I wouldn’t have bothered with if I’d had a larger dSLR on me. It was almost like having new license to photograph all those cliches I walk by and ignore each day. Which was nice. Hence the above images.

Hanoi’s really a great place to take pictures, and it’s easy to forget how great it is just to wander the streets and take whatever images it is that life throws at you. Cliches exist for a reason, and it’s good to recognize them every now and then.

6 thoughts on “Something About Hanoi”

  1. Your pictures are beautiful. So, cameras are women too? I wonder if there are any inanimate objects that are men. Just thinking…

  2. I don’t think your photos are cliche. Certainly conical hats and plastic stools in Vietnam are, but not the photos. Most people would have gotten the photo of the back of the head or with part of the face… I like them. Glad you’re having fun.

  3. Loved these photos. They make me want to go back to Hanoi.

  4. dig the looseness here man…but i second what other people said here…just cause it isn’t a big camera doesn’t make the pictures any less valid…always happy to check out the blog Aaron…hope all is well

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