Quickly Around Hanoi

I had an opportunity to walk around Hanoi the other day with a traveling amateur photographer, sharing tips and tricks of the trade with him and generally just kind of helping him come away from his vacations with better images to show, etc. He was a super nice guy and we ended up hitting it off pretty well. Always a nice thing when you’ve agreed to spend the larger part of a day with someone. Funnily enough, because his equipment was so much nicer than mine, several people confused our roles and thought that I was a photography student. I like to think that my innocent, boyish good looks had more to do with that than the fact that my walk-around camera is being held together by gaffer tape, a little crazy glue and some voodoo (note to clients: my commercial camera is actually solid gold with the brand name inlaid in diamonds).

I didn’t shoot much while we walked around, opting instead to point out nice frames and scenes and moments that I was noticing throughout the day. I let him do most of the shooting. It was his trip and the images rightfully belonged to him. The few pictures above came about as examples for other things I was trying to describe. Examples and nothing more. But still there’s something that I like about them, for whatever reasons. All in all it was a fun day. I don’t walk around this city nearly often enough.

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