Hanoi Mon Amour or Meandering

Just a few photographs from around Hanoi over the last few days. I’m busy editing a bunch of images, shooting a few small assignments and getting a CV together for a big project proposal. Fun stuff. These are outtakes from some recent shoots. A portrait of one of my translators. My shadow looming over the Red River. Lilies and a nice calm lake somewhere in the suburbs. And a cow calmly grazing along the levee. Simple things. Nice things. File it all under why I love Hanoi.

5 thoughts on “Hanoi Mon Amour or Meandering”

  1. How long does it take you to wait for the bull to be onsite? Does this in central ha noi? I think the bull and the bike are quite funny.

  2. That photo is along the river road in Gia Lam, just across from central Hanoi. And I didn’t wait for the bull. It was already there.

    Nice meeting you and Christian the other week. Are you back in Saigon now?

  3. Hi Aaron,
    After spending quite a bit of time away from computer (and other comforts) it was great to come back and find some of your lively and interesting posts awaiting me. Thanks and best,

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