Everything Is Always Alright

Valeska Mosich-Miller

I’m at the end of a good week and the weekend looks like it will be just the right mixture of fun and relaxing, so I’m in high spirits this Friday morning. There’s a lot going on these days, and I wish I had a little more time to go into more detail about some of it. Soon, I’m sure. But for now I’m just going to take an opportunity to say some thank yous and throw a few compliments into the air. See where they fall.

First of all, The Word Ha Noi launch party at Softwater Restaurant was a rollicking success. Though it would be difficult to throw a bad party at such a beautiful location. Thanks to everyone that made it out and to all the wonderful people that I met there. It was good to see so many familiar faces and even better to meet so many new ones. Though I will only be playing a very minimal role in the magazine’s future, it’s in my best interest to try to make it as good as possible in whatever way I am able to. The country is desperate for some good publications. Particularly Hanoi. I like the idea of being able to help rectify that problem.

I’m off to Pleiku and Son La in a little under two weeks for a few quick trips with the US military (and a helicopter ride!). Photographing things. Then after perhaps a quick job in Ninh Binh, just a few hours south of the capital. Also trying to get a new year’s trip to Thailand together, but as of now that’s going to depend on a few other factors.

Lastly, a special thanks to the beautiful and talented Valeska Mosich-Miller, pictured above, for just standing there and making my photography look a whole lot better than it actually is. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with her and fellow model Ha Anh for the first issue of the magazine. Not only are they very talented individuals, but they didn’t blink an eye when I asked them both to climb eight flights of rickety stairs so I could photograph them on a dirty roof overlooking the city’s West Lake district. Awesome people.

Have a good weekend. Go enjoy the great outdoors.

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