Swine Flu, Art & Things in General

Anh Khanh

I’ve been purposefully kind of avoiding the blog for the past two weeks, trying to get things back in order, settle into Hanoi again and put everything into perspective. My trip to the US was nearly a complete waste, aside from the fact that I got to see my family and a few friends while in New Orleans. In New York I spent 95% of my time on what felt like my deathbed/couch, crippled and fevered from a severe case of the swine flu.

I didn’t get to meet with any of the editors I had planned to meet, and most of what I remember of the workshop is cloaked in a hazy, 102˚ cloud of sick. Fun stuff. My roommate for a few days, Theo Stroomer, should get an award for putting up with me. Seriously. And I never got a chance to thank the Executive Producer of the workshop, Mirjam Evers, for letting me borrow her North Face jacket when, in a feverish daze, I left the hotel wearing only a long-sleeved shirt in like 40˚F weather. I would have been embarrassed had I been more in tune with my mental faculties at the time. So thank you, if you ever stumble upon this.

It feels good to be back home now. I’m still getting into the swing of things, but life is coming along again at a normal pace, which is nice. The photograph above is of performance artist/painter Dao Anh Khanh. Another image will accompany an interview with him for a local magazine, but I was fond of this outtake as well, composition-wise.

If you live in Hanoi, Anh Khanh will be hosting the art show “A Convergence of Light” at his stilt house at number 7, Lane 462, Ngoc Thuy Street in Long Bien District at 19.30 this Friday night. Most of the artists were putting up their installations while I was there taking photographs, and it looks like it will be a pretty weird and good time. For directions, just go over Long Bien Bridge and take a left. Follow the road along the river until you start seeing crazy-ass light installations (2km or so). Follow them wherever they lead you. Easy.

There’s so much more that I don’t feel like getting into now. So more later.

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