Progression on Demand

Vietnamese Woman in Hanoi, Vietnam

Aerial North Vietnam

Dinner in Sapa

Dog Days Philippines

Village Wall

Vietnamese Man in Hanoi, Vietnam

The internet has probably forever ruined my ability to make a solid, irreversible decision on some matters. I’m stuck right now trying to put together a printed portfolio (which I haven’t done here in Vietnam for the past two years), and just the idea of it is enough to give me a small case of the Howling Fantods. I’ve become reliant on the temporary. There are fewer consequences here in the internet world. Things can change. Options are infinite. And if I decide that I don’t like a series of images, or that I can put together something better, than I can edit any and everything until my heart is content. What I need now is finality. A printed portfolio that I won’t want to change five minutes later.

I’m off to watch the buffalo fights in Do Son this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures upon my return. Then next week I’ll be speaking to an artist at her studio for a small profile pitch, maybe taking some images at a new restaurant and finally, on Thursday, leaving for New Orleans and New York City.

The group of photographs above is one in a series of examples illustrating my dilemma. It’s a clever enough progression color, theme and story-wise, but it ends there. It lacks depth and perception. Which hopefully isn’t becoming a metaphor for the artist/author.

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