Vietnam Hair Fashion Show

Hair by Tran Hung

Hair by Tran Hung

Sometimes I wish I were a bit more fashionable. My standard outfit to go is still blue jeans and a black t-shirt with Chuck Taylors, even in the middle of summer in Hanoi. It’s like in the movies when the office drone opens his closet and you get a view of the rows of suits and ties, all absolutely identical. Trade jeans and black shirts and you’ve got me. I do have pretty great socks. And a classy handkerchief. But otherwise I fear change. So when I’m invited to fancy international fashion shows I always feel a bit scrutinized. Even if I put nice shoes on. Like they just know. Like they can smell the fear on me.

Saturday was an international hair fashion show at the Friendship Palace in Hanoi. I was invited by my good friend and participant Tran Hung to photograph backstage and stand around looking awkward (I don’t charge for this). He also wanted a few photographs of the cuts and styles that he was showing, but when we arrived at the venue we were already out of time and the space we were given was anything but conducive to getting good photographs. So I improvised. The images above were taken against a white partition board with one speed light bouncing off a makeshift ceiling. I usually default to darker images, so it was a welcome change to be forced into this kind of situation.

Overall it was a great show and a great time. Though it gets a bit annoying for me having to fend off all the models backstage asking for my phone number.

1 thought on “Vietnam Hair Fashion Show”

  1. Since your mom and I are on the cutting edge of what’s happening, we have been battling people wanting to be near us for years. We understand.

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