The Fine Art of Kicking Serious Ass

Samurai Worship

It’s probably time to take a deep breath and break from the Agent Orange work. At least for a post or two. Hopefully by the beginning of next week I’ll be able to complete the first two of three stories at the village. One or two more days of shooting should round out my final edits.

The image above is for a story on Kendo, a modern Japanese martial art that is, from what I can tell, based primarily around extremely awesome samurai-style sword fighting. The writer could probably go into more details. I just want to wear one of these outfits and get a bamboo sword/stick. I think I might go back to the practice studio on Sunday morning to check out one of the beginner classes.

For those in Hanoi, the gymnasium is at 91 Chua Lang and beginner classes run on Friday evenings from 7-9 and on Sunday mornings from 9-11. The advanced class meets one additional night on Wednesdays. Tuan Le, who is something of the group leader and who is also holding the shinai in the above photograph, is extremely friendly and willing to speak to anyone interested in the martial art.

2 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Kicking Serious Ass”

  1. What happened to “Born to be Pleasant”. If you get to wear the outfit and carry the big stick be sure someone takes a picture of you!

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