Rice Farmer/Still in Hanoi

Rice Farmer in Vietnam

Plans were to head out to Tam Dao village for a few days early this week, but a few things came up so I’m sticking around Hanoi for now. Maybe this weekend I’ll get into the mountains and get a few more shots for a rice farmers piece I’m trying to put together. We’ll see. Otherwise, there’s lots of miscellaneous work coming in and I’m trying to get a few submissions in place and send off a recent edit to my stock agency, Glasshouse Images. Busy is good.

I think I also just found out that my team leader at the Eddie Adams Workshop will be the inimitable Lynn Johnson. You can see her work HERE. So that’s exciting. More later.

3 thoughts on “Rice Farmer/Still in Hanoi”

  1. Aaron, these last few photos have been just wonderful. And I checked out some of Lynn Johnson’s work. Very very very nice. And busy doing something you love is always good!!

  2. That rocks man! I’m sure you will come back all fired up and inspired. I hate you. 😉

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