Swimming in the Countryside

Swimming in Vietnam -1

Swimming in Vietnam -2

Swimming in Vietnam -3

Swimming in Vietnam -4

Swimming in local ponds and lakes and other waterways is a popular sight across Vietnam and all of Southeast Asia, and it almost always makes for good photography. All you need to do is wander off the main highway in most rural villages and towns and get lost for a few minutes and you’re bound to happen across a group of children splashing around, cooling off from the midday sun.

The pictures above are from two separate spots off the road out to Mai Chau. They feel like a nice introduction to the weekend. If the rain stays off tomorrow, I’ll be back down beneath Long Bien Bridge, putting the final touches on that project for the next few weeks, and then on Monday and Tuesday I’m off to the quaint little hill town of Tam Dao, a few hours outside of the capital. Should be fun.

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