Sugarcane Farming in Vietnam

Vietnamese sugarcane farming

Vietnamese sugarcane farming

Vietnamese sugarcane farming

Vietnamese sugarcane farming

It’s still relatively early on in the season, but when Ehrin Macksey and I were riding up to Mai Chau earlier this week, we passed through acres and acres of sugarcane fields just outside of Hoa Binh, heading into the mountains. The stalks were still pretty small – maybe five feet tall at most – and unfortunately there was really no work being done in the fields. We still stopped to talk to a few farmers by the side of the road, and they informed us that the harvest wouldn’t be until February.

So right now most of the work being done is just maintenance. At the right time of year, there’s some beautiful images I’m sure. The woman in the photographs above was just ripping off the top leaves of the canes to foster further growth. Probably feeding the discarded greens to her buffalo back home.

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