One More From Long Bien Bridge

Hanoi Vietnam Farmer

Thank Gob for lazy Sundays. Tomorrow I’m leaving with friend and fellow photographer Ehrin Macksey for the peaks and valleys of Mai Chau, in northern central Vietnam, for two days of shooting and exploring a bit of the region. I don’t get out of the city often enough, out to its immediate surroundings, so I’m looking forward to taking this quick little trip.

Mai Chau itself I think is pretty touristy and well worn down along the old traveler trail, but so the drive out and around is what I’m most looking forward to. Getting lost and maybe finding something worthwhile out in the sticks. Hopefully also in the weeks to come I’ll be able to get out to a few other places; I need to beef up my portfolio with new images before I leave for New York City in October. I don’t want to be showing editors all work from six months ago. Ideally. And my Long Bien Bridge Project has been desperately wanting a more cohesive edit.

That’s all for now. And probably the last “farmer with smoke” image I’m going to post. Though I’m still trying to decide which one I like best.

2 thoughts on “One More From Long Bien Bridge”

  1. a great experience. n nice blog.
    have you gone to indonesia?
    the country which a lot of adventures..
    i hope you will go to indoensia n enjoy!!!

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