Five Views of One Farmer

Long Bien Bridge Farmer-1

Long Bien Bridge Farmer-2

Long Bien Bridge Farmer-3

Long Bien Bridge Farmer-4

Long Bien Bridge Farmer-5

It feels good to get out and about again, shooting something for myself. The Red River has risen quite a bit since I was last beneath Long Bien Bridge, and a lot of the crops are picked and the land is waiting to be replanted, but there were a few people around. Plus the odd few farm animals grazing near the stone steps leading down onto the island. So it goes.

This morning, I spent a little time with the one woman in the five images above. She was burning off the crop residue from her last harvest while turning the land to prepare for the next. Stock standard procedure I think. Though it should be noted that this rampant burning, particularly in the countrysides surrounding Hanoi, does some pretty serious damage to the local air quality. As evidenced by the fact that about a month or two ago it actually looked like the capital had caught fire for three days. Turns out we were fine. Until next time.

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