Brainstorming with Images

Vietnam Travel Photograph-1

Vietnam Travel Photograph-2

Vietnam Travel Photograph-3

Vietnam Travel Photograph-4

Vietnam Travel Photograph-5

Just a few random images from the streets of the Old Quarter. I’m trying to wrap my mind around a few new ideas. Not sure which direction they’re going in yet though. But I do think they’re going away from the Old Quarter. They also may have to go away from this 90mm lens. I love the way it shoots, but too often yesterday I found myself missing something great because I could only photograph from far away. I’m used to being closer, and I’m more comfortable with it as well.

Right now I’m thinking this project will use the power lines and loudspeakers as a kind of lifeline or heartbeat, placed amidst other images from around the city of people, buildings and scenes of everyday life. I basically need to start something that isn’t work. Something that I can do for fun and without the pressure of a deadline or having to worry about taking shit pictures. Something whimsical. So there.

I’ve got a few other things in the works that I hope to get off the ground in the upcoming weeks/months. Including maybe a trip up north into the mountains. I need some new personal portfolio images before I head off to NYC.

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