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The reason I’ve been so busy updating my images and archives (both at home and online) is that before now I never had a proper filing system in place for managing my photographs, invoices, model releases, etc. I just kind of made folders and tried to remember where I put them. If something needed keywords, I would almost always forget until the last minute. So those always went into a JPEG or TIFF file, but never into the original RAW one. I’ve spent the past few years just creating more work for myself. So that’s what these past few weeks have been about. Organizing my life. Putting everything in its right place.

I know this is a pretty boring and arguably pointless post, so here’s a little bonus link for my new favorite Mac application: NameChanger. I like it so much, I’ve been renaming pretty much everything on my computer. To a fault. What’s tickles your technological fancy?

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