Easy Like Sunday Morning

Gallery Mai in Hanoi

Not much to report this morning. I’m researching grants and other various funding, trying to find some floors to sleep on while I’m in New York (I’m looking at you, Jongchul) and seeking a new part-time assistant to help me with some personal projects. Also listening to a little Neutral Milk Hotel. Anyone know a reliable translator/person who walks around with me and gets model releases signed and solicits information from people? My friend/previous assistant is now working all summer at a camp for HIV-positive children outside of Ho Chi Minh City, and holds down a permanent job in Hanoi these days as well. Good for her, bad for me.

The photograph above is from Gallery Mai at 113 Hang Bong Street in Hanoi. It’s one of the better known art galleries in the capital, servicing a large local and international clientele. One of my favorite painters there is Nguyen Bao Ha. A lot of the Vietnamese art one sees stolen and copied around the Old Quarter originates here. So beware of good deals: that $30 painting probably isn’t an original. But you knew that already.

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