Everything Old Is New Again

Long Bien Bridge Farmer 01

Long Bien Bridge Farmer 02

Just a few outtakes from my Long Bien Bridge Project. I actually really like these two images, particularly the darkness and shadows in the top one. It’s funny how favorites change over time, even short periods of time, when working on these kinds of stories. Or maybe the stories change as they grow. Or both. I guess these are the kinds of things that I like about this kind of photography, the immersion and the transformation of past and present. I’ll have some new work from this series (now tentatively alternately titled: Cast a Shadow) up in the next few weeks. Hopefully along with another project I’m trying to get off the ground, though that may ultimately prove more difficult to gain access to. Life is good and hectic at the moment. The way it should be.

Also, check out some of these amazing photographers that comprise Invision Images. Pretty much every portfolio on there makes mine look like it was taken by a fourth grader (non-savant).

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