Get Eclectic/Inspiration, Please!

Eclecticity in Hanoi

It’s been something of a brutal week/weekend. But now I’ve got the next two days to sit at home and contemplate the walls. I’ll also be working on some design projects and trying to get back in the swing of things regarding my personal photography. I’ve let a lot of my intentions fall by the wayside. Too much other work and laziness. Time to change that. I’ve even given myself an assignment to photograph these five random words (chosen from a random word generator): Shove, Acute, Option, See, Abbreviation. That should be something fun to get me out of the house and walking around tomorrow.

The photograph above is in honor of the electricity bill I just paid: about $30 with someone home most days during one of the hottest month’s of the year. Fantastic. I’m a big fan of my new apartment. Though there’s still August.

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