One Polaroid/The Day After

It was certainly for the best that I stayed out of photographer Bryan Johnson’s way during the wedding I attended last week. His team did a fantastic job and for what it’s worth I’d recommend them (as photographers, obviously) for anyone thinking of getting married in the south/southeastern United States. Or elsewhere for that matter. But then again I’m a sucker for a guy who shoots wedding formals with a twin lens and a Lomo point-and-shoot.

The morning after the ceremony I took a few Polaroids of the bride and groom, groggy and hungover but still somehow radiant and all that. It must be their conditioner. This is one of the shots. And probably the only wedding-ish photo I’ll ever post here.

2 thoughts on “One Polaroid/The Day After”

  1. Hi, do you know any good wedding photographers in Ho Chi Minh City who have experience in shooting both outdoor shoots and capturing the wedding day in the photojournalism style? Thank you !

  2. Hey Jenny,

    I do a bit of wedding photography on the side, and there are a few other very talented people here as well. Take a look at Kevin German’s work. He lives down in Saigon. Just Google his name and his website will come up. And there’s also Julian Abram Wainwright and Aidan Dockery who work on weddings together in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia.

    Hope that helps.

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