Ha Long Bay Diesel Fume Sonata

Fumes on the Bay

I’ve been busy looking through images from Ha Long Bay these past few days, both for the magazine and for possible singles I can use as stock. This one in particular I like, though not for either of the before-mentioned reasons. It’s eerie and strange and nothing but abstract shapes and colors, yet something about it drags me in. And isn’t that what blogs are for: small fleeting things that tickle your fancy?

We were out (the writer, a Dutch guy and I) on the back deck trying our hands at a bit of squid fishing after the sun set on the first night. Squid fishing basically consists of shining a really bright light into the water and waiting for the decidedly dumb animals to think, “Hey! Something shiny!” and make their way to the surface, at which point you, the fisherman, scoop them up with a large net or something similar. Not exactly ESPN Sport Fishing material, but it sounded fun nonetheless. Sounded. For the 30 minutes or so we were out there not a single squid showed tentacle one anywhere near the water’s surface. One of the crew members said it was because squid season was over, but I’m more of the school that the same chugging diesel engine responsible for the beautiful, other-worldly colors present in the photograph above was scaring any would-be dinner companions away from the vessel.

Anyway, the trip was fantastic and the personnel on the ship were more than hospitable at every turn. I’d highly recommend the company, Bhaya Cruises, to anyone wanting to travel to the bay in style. Me? Give me an inner tube and an ice chest filled with Halidas. And maybe a flash light for some squid fishing.

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