Tearsheets | Saigon for United Airlines


I love working on travel stories in Ho Chi Minh City, but I don’t get to do it nearly enough. So I was very excited when United Airlines contacted me about a piece they were doing on the southern metropolis a few months back–a pretty free-form, first-person narrative from a great writer/novelist in the US centered around the eventual adoption of his friend after being left on the banks of the Saigon river at the end of the Vietnam-American War. I got to spend three days just roaming the city and taking things in while taking my photographs. Kind of the perfect job. Here are the tearsheets from the piece, which I think look great, as well as some outtakes from the journey. You can read the story HERE. Or, if you have some time, check out my other published work on my site HERE.

United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 02
A portrait of a concierge at the Caravelle Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 04
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 06
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 07
United Airlines Saigon Travel Feature 08

Fashion Photography | Sula AW2014

AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 01

Last month I traveled to Mai Chau, in the northern mountains of Vietnam, to shoot Sula Clothing’s new AW2014 collection. I’ve worked with the boutique design house for over two years now, and each shoot is a chance to experiment more and take more chances. Sula remains one of my favorite clients, and I really can’t say enough good things about them. I love their clothes, and Alison, the owner and designer, has always granted me an almost limitless freedom to do what I will on each photoshoot. The images here stood out for me for whatever reasons. For those interested, you can check out the website–and buy Sula’s beautiful boutique designer rags–HERE.

AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 02
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 03
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 04
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 05
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 06
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 07
AJS Sula Clothing Fashoin Photos AW2014 08

Sneak Peak | Morning Yoga

AJS Danang Village Premier Resort SAMPLES-2

From a recent shoot at a luxury resort in central Vietnam. Morning sun bursts and yoga on the beach. There are way worse things to see and not see at 5am.

Tearsheets | Hanoi, Vietnam

SMILE Hanoi Vietnam Cover Story-3
SMILE Hanoi Vietnam Cover Story-2
A young woman walks along the streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam.

A few months back, I worked on another cover shoot for Cebu Pacific Air, out of the Philippines. The concept was to follow a model through Hanoi for a day and capture her amidst the color and vibrancy of the capital. A simple idea with a lot of room to be creative. My favorite kind of assignment. Here are a few of the final images used in the story. That specific shade of golden yellow in the top photo will forever remind me of northern Vietnam.

Polaroids | Sula AW2014

AJS Sula Blog 01
AJS Sula Blog 02
AJS Sula Blog 03

Just a few Polaroids from a recent fashion shoot in Mai Chau, Vietnam with the lovely Trang Pham and Sula Clothing. I’m finishing up the rest of the edit today and prepping for some other upcoming jobs next week and into July. More soon. I hope.

Sneak Peak | Mai Chau, Vietnam

SULA AW2014-2

I’m just back from an amazing time on assignment for Sula Clothing’s AW2014 collection. We went to Mai Chau, in the mountains and valleys of northern Vietnam. Time and again, Alison and co. prove to be among my favorite clients–always willing to try new things and travel to new places and take risks that usually, but not always, pan out. Here’s one picture from the trip. With many more to come. Buy her clothes HERE. They’re gorgeous.

The Christs of Cutud

Three Christs

I’m in Pampanga province in the Philippines, staying with a lovely older woman and a few writers, eating livers, lungs, vinegar-soaked chicken thighs, buckets of halo-halo, and more fried pork skins then I’d care to recall, waiting for tomorrow, April 18th, Good Friday, when the above three men will begin a slow march through the streets of this small town toward a low lying hill in an empty, sun-scorched lot, where there they’ll erect crosses and nail themselves to those crosses and be strung out to hang and endure and know the agonies and sacrifices of their Lord Jesus Christ before the prying and giddy and all-seeing eyes of some tens of thousands of spectators. Should be fun. More later.


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