The Christs of Cutud

Three Christs

I’m in Pampanga province in the Philippines, staying with a lovely older woman and a few writers, eating livers, lungs, vinegar-soaked chicken thighs, buckets of halo-halo, and more fried pork skins then I’d care to recall, waiting for tomorrow, April 18th, Good Friday, when the above three men will begin a slow march through the streets of this small town toward a low lying hill in an empty, sun-scorched lot, where there they’ll erect crosses and nail themselves to those crosses and be strung out to hang and endure and know the agonies and sacrifices of their Lord Jesus Christ before the prying and giddy and all-seeing eyes of some tens of thousands of spectators. Should be fun. More later.

Tearsheet | Selvedge Magazine

Aaron Joel Santos Sula Clothing-1

So on a much different note from my last post, here’s a recent tearsheet from Selvedge Magazine out of the UK. They were doing a cover story on Sula Clothing, a fashion house I work with a few times a year, and they ended up using one of my images from the SS2014 shoot for their cover. It’s always nice to see my photographs being used alongside great design.

Fashion Photography | Testing Film

sula fashion film 4x5-1

I finally found a lab to develop color 4×5 in Bangkok. So hopefully this will push me to shoot more of it. It’s been a slow intro into 2014 for the blog, but that should change soon enough. Lots of interesting things afoot. A few exciting new projects in the works, and hopefully some revisiting of old stories left alone for way too long. For now, here are two recent images for a fashion campaign for Sula Clothing’s SS2014 line.

Three Polaroids | Hanoi, Vietnam

1213 AJS Impossible Polaroid Sula SS2014 6

Just a few test images from a recent fashion shoot in Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ll finish up the job sometime in January, after the new year and a few other jobs in Hoi An and Bangkok. For now though, I’m enjoying the soft lines, warm tones, and inherent faults in the film I’m using. So Yeah. Happy New Year to everyone. May your nights be filled with wine and roses and drunken toasts.

Two Polaroids | Hanoi, Vietnam

Sula Polaroids-2


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